this tumblr is dedicated to the unique and beautiful model lindsey wixson. she is known for her lips and gapped front teeth. her modeling career began in 2009, her runway debut was at the spring 2010 new york fashion week. currently she is the face of jill stuart beauty S/S 2011, jill stuart S/S 2011, mulberry S/S 2011 and the versace fragrance vanitas.

melinda - from germany - sixteen!

I don’t even know, why I’m writing this, but I just feel like I have to get it out and it’s really really late in Germany, so I can’t talk to any of my friends, because they are sleeping..

My dad is in the hospital for nine days now. He had bleeding in the brain and had an operation and the doctor told us, that he had to be in hospital for 12 weeks and that it would take very long for him to wake up and that they would put him in artificial coma. After two days already they woke him up and everything was okay. He could move his arms, legs, could speak. He recognized all of us - my mum, my sister, my brother and me. The doctor was really happy, because everything was going fast and everything was good. On the sixth day he got pneumonia and on the seventh day, only one hour after we visited him, he almost fell into the real coma. So they put him into the artificial coma again. Yesterday they woke him up, but he was really sleepy, didn’t talk. Today they did a few tests and he has massive damage to the brain and he is in a real coma. The doctor said, that he probably won’t wake up anymore and if he would, he wouldn’t be able to talk, to breath.. They want to do another test and they are pretty sure, that he is brain-dead. So if that is true, they gonna shut down the devices, which keep him alive and then he will be gone.

I just feel like I’m in a nightmare and I just want to wake up so badly. But it’s real life, it’s just going to take some time until I fully realize that. My family was just thrown into this, it just happened from one moment to the other. Now I’m sitting here and I can’t sleep, because I just start to cry…

Again - I don’t know why I’m writing this and nobody has to read this, I just wanted to say it…

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